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Electronia AU - Tribe Leader (B&W)

Illustration of a robot that my friend Lia had a detailed dream about.

The Tribe Leader has horns on his head, a cloak and a scepter. I added details for the legs and shoulders/arms that Lia didn't remember from the dream. This tribe counts social rank by number of car headlights on their bodies (the Leader has plenty, and they're not just attached, but more like 'installed', as he can light them up). Car lights as a decoration and sign of prestige. Being the Leader, he has the most lights on his body.

These robots are descendant of Electronians that came to Earth centuries ago but they were built from scraps; infact, the tribes live in junk pits, so they take the lights from cars they find there.

The Tribe Leader is a big, tall, kind and fatherly type of person. Lia interacted with him in her dream and it felt very safe and nice to have him around.

Planet Electronia and all its characters are a CC-BY 4.0 Sci-Fi work by Lia Dospetti (liadospetti on DeviantART).

Electronian AU Tribe Leader

Electronian AU Tribe Leader