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#Inktober 27 - Rebooster and Alina B. for Lia

Due to my father's health getting worse and then his death on Oct 16, I only did one #Inktober drawing this year, on Oct 27: "Rebooster and Alina B." for Lia Dospetti

Because I promised her a concept sketch for these two characters, I thought I'd make the endeavor an Inktober 2019 picture.

Drawn on recycled brown paper for a change, the picture is a cover-like portrait of Rebooster and Alina B. showing complicity between them. Believe it or not, they're a couple. In the romantic sense.

A few notes on the characters:

* Rebooster is not a Transformer nor a Gobot nor a cartoon/book-based character. He's an original character. And he's meant to be cute

* Alina's appearance is based on my own, since Lia expressed the desire to make her character like me (more or less). So that's what I did (more or less)

Thanks for viewing! :)

Media: 2H pencil and Micron ink pens on recycled brown paper.

Artwork by Luana Spinetti. Characters by liadospetti. Please DO NOT USE without permission.

#Inktober 27 - Rebooster and Alina B. for Lia

#Inktober 27 - Rebooster and Alina B. for Lia